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Yoga has many forms - Kolam is one of them

Kolam Yoga is an ancient training syllabus for

the physical body, mind and spirit

Considered as an Ephemeral Art form that is made up of powdered grids of dots and lines

White rice and or chalk powder is poured skillfully from the fingers

into a visual, non verbal coded Language,

aching to calligraphy,

like writing and drawing on an Earth made canvas

The Body is actively involved in manifesting its rhythm and measure ;

arms act like a "pendulum dance"

laying down its design

We find within the kolam structures,

a treasure house filled with riddles, numbers, sacred geometry,

sound patterns frequencies,

mandala, yantra and mantra,

tessellation, fractal, science,

animal and plant DNA structures

It is not a religion

but it holds all world religion,

from its form and function

Becoming a kolam yoga practionner

allows the Kolam syllabus to be reactivated

again and again,

consciously by you

The goal is for you

to give it a newfound place

either within your personal occupation and practice in life

or in schools in learning institutions of various disciplines

ranging from Science medicine,

Architecture, Design, Theatre and Dance

to name a few

Kolam Yoga can also impact all other subject matters

with its wide range of knowledge

In order to keep improving the kolam yoga syllabus,

it is continuously subjected to an on going research,

your continual deepening and learning

including your discoveries

The ultimate Aim of Kolam Yoga

is one of

self development

and self realization


The word Kolam comes from the Sanskrit root


meaning ‘ascending, to aspire and breath in’


Sanskrit root sound of the Muladhara Chakra

that sits at the base of our spine,

meaning 'descending, into matter,

breathing out and exhaling.


Kolam can be meaning “an Aspiration manifested into the matter"

The word yoga comes for the Sanskrit “ to unit”

When combined with the word Kolam,

the practice of Kolam

Becomes a practice of union,

manifested into

the matter

Leaving it up to you, to choose now its meaning

Thanking, Grace Gitadelila,

the author of this text,

and teacher of this art

transmitted to me

in India, 2020

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