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We met in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand
Since we have been cultivating a common dream:
offering our work across the world,
before opening a settled center, 
one day


These past years,
we have been dedicating our time and investing our energy
in deepening our practice
in yoga, massage, sound healing, and therapy

in Brazil, in France, and together in India 



Garden of Light

is the name we gave to our dream 

This website,

its outside shape

Inviting people that are called by,
to undertake a journey

from the outside world to their inner nature

to blossom from within,

their bliss



Amilton Brandao is a Brazilian
Hatha Yoga teacher,

certified by Yoga Alliance International, 

and trained in Integral Sound Studies and Practices,

bySvaram (Musical Instruments and Research Center)

in India

Versed in Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas, Yoga Philosophy, and Chanting through Kirtans

He's a practitioner of Buddhist meditations such as
Anapanasati (Mindfulness with Breathing),
Metta (Loving-kindness)
and Vipassana.

Capoeira (Brazilian martial art), Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Reiki
are the ways he's moving energy. 

Enthusiastic player of a shamanic flute, drifting into the realms of the primordial vibration and connection with mother nature.

Curious about human arts as a whole. From literature to cinema, from mythology to philosophy, from old religions to technology. With those, he found in him the need to share and express the infinite knowledge that surrounds us all.

Through shamanic experiences, traumas, and a continuous thirst for knowledge he understood his path: to absorb and to channel what connects us in the search for ourselves, to oneness.


Experience as a yoga teacher and sound practitioner:



Charlotte is half-French, half-Belgian, fully part of the world!

Passionate about human nature and the magic of our brains,

she made it her job and became

Clinical Neuropsychologist.

Its specializations today are also what paved its history:
Trauma, eating disorders, and creative cognitive optimization


Her travels led her to live and volunteer

with Buddhist monks in Thailand,

on permacultural farms in Brazil,

in so-called comprehensive schools in Auroville, India


At ease on Earth
as a certified Hatha Yoga teacher
and trained sonotherapist,
she dives with joy into the Water,
to offer aquatic therapy sessions inspired by shiatsu (Watsu, Waterdance)

At the service of the heart,

Integrating body and mind

She offers Ayurvedic massages with her hands.
and the poetry she writes, through her voice.

Training :

  • Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuropsychology - France

  • Post graduation : University Diploma “Medicine, Meditation and Neurosciences” - France

  • Program ofMindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) - France

  • Human Element - France

  • Watsu (aquatic therapy combining water and shiatsu) - WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association) certified - India

  • Birenda Ayurvedic Massage - in Auroville (India)

  • Training in craniosacral therapy - in Auroville (India) 

  • Yoga teacher training -AyurYoga Eco-Ashram (India)

  • Sound therapy training "Comprehensive course of sound studies and practices" -Swaram (Centre for Research and Creation of Musical Instruments in India)

  • Training in the facilitation of restorative circles, non-violent communication, mediation(Auroville, India)

Experience :

  • As a masseuse, yoga teacher and sound practitioner:  sessions in India, France, Italy ...

  • As a neuropsychologist:

    • in France (neurology, psychiatry, rehabilitation centers, mindfulness meditation programs)

    • in India (as a freelancer and within a teamMattram)

    • founder of RED Circles (Recovering from Eating Disorders Circles) - Support circles for people suffering from eating disorders in Auroville, India

ABOUT US: Meet the Team

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