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SONJA - France

Mindfulness Program

A complete program that addresses all aspects necessary for stress management, emotions and meditative practice.

But not only !

This program is built with enormous generosity, kindness, and compassionate attention. It had a strong impact on me and reconciled me with my spirituality. I can't thank Charlotte enough for this gift. I highly recommend it. 

ANNA - United States


Charlotte creates and maintains a caring space that truly enables transformation. Her massage method is both subtle and deeply powerful, I felt both physical and emotional blockages dissolve after just one session. And just being in Charlotte's healing presence is a gift in itself.



Charlotte is a neuropsychologist who is both gentle and competent. She put her heart at the service of her knowledge to accompany me with kindness and professionalism in the process of healing from my old traumas. THANKS !



Amilton Hatha yoga is exceptional. He adapts his style to the level of the participants. I have been practicing yoga for years, and Amilton showed me more advanced poses with great care, attention and patience. His instructions are clear and complete; his approach is both friendly and confident. Each class is always a perfect blend of asana, pranayama and awareness, which nourishes the body, mind and soul. Relaxing in Shavasana while Amilton plays his Native American flute is an incredible way to conclude his always challenging yet rewarding classes.

RITU - India


I am recognizednte to have received Charlotte's massage. The whole process was nourishing and loving. This was a new technique that I had never tried before, and I was pleasantly surprised. The oil massage with deep movements rejuvenated my tissues while providing great relaxation. The duration of the massage also allowed me to deepen my body awareness. With her calm, gentle voice and steady touch, Charlotte helped me relax my otherwise stiff muscles. I highly recommend this experience to heal the body and return it to a state of balance. Much love, dear Charlotte, and I hope you continue to heal and nourish with your magnificent talent!


Mindfulness Program

With great humanity and listening to everyone, Charlotte and Amilton invite you to superb moments of sharing, emotion and well-being in serenity and with a lot of kindness.

FANNY - India


It was a Sunday morning, Charlotte let me get ready and suggested I set an intention for the next two hours. I already knew this type of massage, but from other practitioners. Two hours have passed. I felt safe, protected in this small room. It felt like a sacred place.

At the end I was able to share how I was feeling, which added 20 minutes to the session because there was so much to express.



I really enjoyed Charlotte's massage. She cared about every little detail. Charlotte has a delicate yet firm touch and a variety of techniques that allowed me to fully relax and feel deeply serene. She started and ended the massage with a short meditation, which was a pleasant surprise. I highly recommend it.

MARINA - France


Thank you so much to Amilton and Charlotte for this yoga session as close as possible to nature and the elements, on the beach on this windy Monday.


And end in style, meditation guided by the melodious sound of Amilton's flute and Charlotte's handpan.


A very pleasant moment of sharing and (re)connection!

Priscila - Dominican Republic


Charlotte is a very present teacher with a subtle and soft energy that makes her yoga classes very enjoyable.

Along with her angelic voice and sense of humor,

you will want to attend more classes

with her guiding you through a practice of surrender, letting go, and getting in touch with your inner child.

Ana Beatriz - Brazil


Yoga with Amilton is essential for my week to be productive and relieve everyday stress.

He is always extremely attentive to every detail, from breathing to movement.

The class is one of the rare moments I can be in presence, calming my mind and strengthening my body.

Finishing the session with sound healing and meditation, makes all the difference in the experience.

Amilton is ready for any question, always with a joyful attitude and focus.

I am very grateful for his teachings!

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