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The power of ... P e n d u l a t i o n

Dernière mise à jour : 20 juil. 2021

🌱 All Life is Yoga 🌱


Disclaim : After a vaginal delivery without epidural without complication without episiotomy nor stitches This is not a medical advice But a sharing of personal experience



Allowing the breathing to be The guide of the movement Honoring the 3 jewels of yoga •Awareness •Breathing •Relaxation Surrendering to our inner capacity to cope and heal to ask and receive support Developing flexibility

between Taking care and being taken care of 🌱 Trusting The body as the Knower The breathing as the Doer 🌱 Here the 2 first pictures show contraction and expansion The principle of PENDULATION* Pendulation is the natural pulsation between states of expansion and contraction in the nervous system This is a basic principle of life, seen in the ebb and flow of the ocean tides, the wings of birds opening and closing in flight in the breathing alternating inhalation and exhalation A resilient nervous system is one that can move back and forth between alertness and calm between action and rest,

without getting stuck at either extreme.

Pendulation introduces “resourced” states into awareness to help us develop confidence in the ability of our nervous systems to move between inverse states We can then practice moving back and forth between more and less resourced states


Here In the car, going to the hospital Experiencing a contraction every 3 minutes Noticing and enjoying the S P A C E between each one of them Pendulating Moving

from tension to release Consciously Guided by the breathing … and that’s true, a wonderful sunset ✨


🌱 Between stimulus and reaction There is a space Here, choice can happen 🌱


*Pendulation is a key technique from Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing (SE) SE is a therapeutic approach that is informed by our biology and our inborn ability to heal from trauma Here an extract of one of his books in French:

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